June 6, 2015

Classic Ducati belt buckle

While constantly surfing on the waves of the web, I also visit countless Facebook groups where I share my passion with many other bike enthusiasts around the globe. One one such group dedicated to Vintage Ducati Singles I met a guy who put me in contact with another remarkable person: Tom Rolland.

Tom has restored 8 Ducati 750GT over the past years and has now just finished bringing a Guzzi 850 Eldorado ex LAPD back to life.

However, as great as it looks, the Guzzi is not why I'm writing this. Tom is well known for making stunning hand made belt buckles with the classic Ducati valve covers design.

They come in 2 versions, big for 1.5 inches belts and small for 1 inch belts. Also, both sizes come either made of brass or solid Sterling silver.
Here are the brass buckles I've ordered.

Tom is not really looking to make a business out of them, but if you're interested in getting one, I'm sure he'll be happy to make one for you. Send him an email HERE


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in getting one of Tom's belt buckles. I had a nice one and lost it. I am looking to replace it and these are very nice. My e-mail is ocon2@comcast.net. Please connect me........Regards Chris.

Markus Pintzinger said...

I believe Tom has already sent you an email.
After asking him, I will now put his details in the blog post.