June 4, 2015

Riding Course at Bira International Circuit

This has been on my bucket list for a while now.
To (re)learn how to ride a bike and gain experience on a track. In my case, I heard about this on the 'Expat Bikers (Thailand)' Facebook group.

Our instructor was Graham, who explained to us the basics of controlling a bike. The day started at 8am and finished after lunch. I opted to rent a Kawasaki ER6n from Graham, because I couldn't risk trashing my own. You never know.... Boots and leathers are provided, just bring your own helmet.

Now, I've been riding for over 25 years with a very small accident count. Riding safe and riding well are definitely connected, but they aren't the same thing. Just as I thought, there were several things I do wrong when riding. Holding the handlebar too tightly for example, sitting up too stiff, not shifting enough weight and wrong feet positioning in the turns, turned out to be my biggest shortcomings.

With Graham's help though, and several laps later, I started to get 'it' and my confidence grew accordingly. Hadn't it been for a sudden downpour, I think I would have put down that knee where it belonged, on the tarmac!

Bira is open for bikes in the morning and cars in the afternoon. You can just turn up there and for a fee of 1.200Baht ride your bike the whole morning. (Riding instructor not included!)

Verdict: A very enjoyable day. I would recommend all bikers out there to take such a course. The only thing I missed were some refreshments or the chance to make a cup of coffee.

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