June 18, 2015

Update on my Project SR: Sunmaster 14

An update has been long due. After the setbacks with powder coating the frame I finally got back on track and managed to get some work done.
The frame and front forks came back looking great. The forks were not assembled though, so that was the perfect excuse for me to order a pair of progressive springs from Webike in Japan.

I really love the new frame color!

Type 1 aluminium swingarm. It's a work of art, but I will change it to a more classic looking Type 2 swingarm today.

Only the best for my baby: a set of Ohlins!

Put the engine in by myself. First mask the frame with some paper tape or similar to avoid scratches. Next, lean over the engine and lift, inserting it through the right side of the frame. If you have a willing friend around, maybe better...

I installed the upper and lower steering bearings and this nice compression release setup that fits in the spindle mount and will considerably clean up the controls on the clip ons. (A detailed HOW-TO will follow soon).

Next, I started on something I really wasn't looking forward to: the electrics.
To clean up the ugly cable mess I used a battery tray that fits nicely under the seat. This way I can get rid of the big battery box.(Again, a more detailed HOW-TO will follow soon).

Still trying to find the best location for all the electric bits and pieces.

And here's the Type 2 aluminium swingarm
Which one do you like better? (A HOW-TO on how to install a swingarm soon on this blog!)

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! I'd probably opt for the type 2 swingarm.