February 9, 2013

A Job Well Done

Another SR rider suggested using this product, called "Nam Yaa Krueang" to get a clean bike and engine. Now, "Nam Yaa" in Thai slang means 'sperm' and "Krueang" means 'engine'. Understandably, I was a bit doubtful on what the outcome might be. Despite the wacky name, I got myself a canister of the stuff and behold!...it really works!

You can mix the stuff with water (2 parts of water and 1 part sperm) or use it on its own. It doesn't attack the paint or plastics of the bike and is really effective against oil and fat. Once you apply it on the engine, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water.
I used an old toothbrush and started brushing away. I got so excited and carried away that after 2 hours I realized I had 'toothbrushed' my whole bike!

At that point I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my baby. :-)

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