June 3, 2013

Motomania - Motorcycle Animation

I found these brilliant animations on Youtube. They're sponsored by Louis, a very big motorcycle parts retailer in Germany, and follows the comic strips by Holger Aue, called Motomania.
Check them out, especially the last one, which is my favourite.


That can't be. My tacho shows 100! My Kawa ist slower than I thought...
I'll try again.
Hey. Here it's 115! WTF
Oh man. This time full throttle. Let's see what she's got!!

One can never have enough power. That's why I installed this nitrous oxide bottle. It's the shit!
And with it, I will produce the most amazing acceleration of my life.
Gas: OK
Tire temperature: OK
Underpants: OK
ready to go...3....2.....1....

Now we'll see who's faster...
oh no, you pig
aha...this advantage should be enough...only the straight remains
man, where did he go?
here we are...quickly with the props...10...9...etc etc
man, here you are finally...did you stop to lube the chain or what?!?

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