June 5, 2013

Sam Manicom - Motorcycle Adventure Books

Got a visit from Dave a few weeks ago. Dave is a close friend of Sam Manicom, who some might remember from the interview I posted last year here on OmegaRacer. (check it out HERE)

Dave and Sam are great blokes, and not only because they bestowed me with 2! signed books: "Distant Suns" and "Tortillas to Totems". :-)

If you haven't done so already, I warmly recommend Sam's books. They are filled with adventures and the unstoppable passion for 2 wheeled travels. But what makes Sam's books really stand out, are the heart and humanity that transpire from each page. You realize you're reading something of value (regardless if it's bike related or not), because you just know it's real, you can't fake that stuff.

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