September 25, 2013

ICON Elsinore 1000 Boots

Since I first laid eyes on these boots 2 years ago, I've been dreaming about them. From time to time I went on ebay in the hope that the price of 245.00$ would magically drop. It never did.

Until last week, when I found riders-resource on ebay, who where offering free delivery, not only to the US as usual, but worldwide! I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair. I had the option to pay 15$ for express shipping, which I took and amazingly, after just 5 days, they arrived today!

I was so excited that when I picked them up at the post office, I immediately opened the box and tried them on in my car. When trying to save money I bought 2 other pairs of boots online: one was too big, the other too small. This time however, Saint Columbanus (the saint of motorcyclists) was on my side, because the boots fit just perfectly. I'm stoked!

They're still a bit stiff, so I thought I wear them while going to the supermarket with my wife. :-)

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