January 21, 2018

Northern Thailand - Bike Paradise in Nan

Last month we took a much needed break from the daily grind, so we joined up with our good friend Frederic and headed up north for 6 marvelous days.

Our trip took us from Bangkok to Petchabun, Nan Noi, Doi Phu Kha National Park, Prae and Nan City, Lam Nam Nan National Park, riding on some of the best roads Thailand has to offer.

The pictures and the video speak for themselves.


Sirikit Dam

Military Museum

A bulldozer used for mine clearing


Touch screen enabled gloves

Crossing the dam

The look of my bike the morning after the coldest night I've ever experienced in Thailand. 6 degrees!!!

Beautiful morning in Prae

A small mountain village famous for its salt production

Temple in Nan

Another temple

and another one

30km of dirt riding through the jungle was a very interesting experience

Checkpoint on top of the mountain

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