February 11, 2018

Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2018

This year saw the 10th edition of the BMF at Central World, and the first custom bike competition within this festival. Once again, my trusted SR400 "Sunmaster14" was deemed nice enough to be among the 4 finalists in the 'cafe racer' category.
From the 31/ January till the 4th of February, Central World, which is Thailand's biggest shopping mall, became a hub for motorcycle lovers from all around the world.

The competition in the cafe racer category was fierce this time. The other 3 bikes were really top notch. I had no hope of winning, but that was ok. I did very well last year at the Terminal 21 competition and felt that I had nothing more to prove, so for me it was just fun....more or less.

The first night a big storm came over Bangkok, strange for this time of the year, and messed up part of my booth. Fortunately, some good soul opened the big umbrella and made sure my SR was properly protected.

On Saturday, the judges came to our booth to inspect the bike. I kickstarted it without problems as I did for the past several months. Later in the evening we were supposed to ride in front of them again and for the photographers to get a chance to take some more pics. . .
My turn came, a large crowd was waiting just for me, cameras clicking, videos rolling, judges waiting...no pressure at all.
Well, guess what....carb flooded, a no-go for me! I was kicking desperately, praying to the patron saint of all SRs (Saint Onekick), but deep down I knew I was doomed.
Such is the SR life, as one friend put it. It truly is.
Nothing left to do than push it and admit defeat.
I'm sure I will have nightmares about this for the rest of my life, but other than that I'll be fine. grrrr

Sunday then was the final act of the competition. I was pretty sure I would be last, but as a little consolation, I came 3rd.

All in all, a nice experience, but not something I think I will do again, at least not with Sunmaster14. Maybe I'll build a new bike one day.

2nd place
1st place
4th place

Old friends supporting us

no comment :-)

Meeting new friends

Happy with the result

Tom and Jerry with Harley tshirts...hmmm. I hope they will see the light of reason one day

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