April 21, 2013

Project Telos - Getting my hands dirty and first ride

Now in my hometown, halfway around the world from where I live, there are just a few things on my mind:
eating, wrenching and riding. And that's just what I did.

Yesterday saw my new Yamaha SR500 for the very first time. What a beauty! The frame looks especially nice and won't need any work done on it, which is good. My friend Thomas, who took care of everything, from getting the bike to Italy to sorting out the dreaded paperworks (THANKS Thomas!!), told me there was a problem with the carb. Apparently, one day it just started pissing out gas. So, my brother Stefan and I checked the carb and cleaned it. After mounting it back into place, 1 kick and tataaaa....running like clockwork.

Only one more "problem"....the stock exhaust. Faaaaar too quiet for my taste. So, changing the heavy and civilized exhaust with a single walled and lightweight megaphone, became first priority and the very first step into the transformation to TELOS.

And what a difference! POT_POT_POT...... :-)

This morning then my first ride. Unfortunately, the April weather wasn't the nicest, so for now, a short ride up the Ritten mountain will have to suffice. But more will follow soon.
The bike runs great, smooth but with plenty of grunt. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again!

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Inazuma Luke said...

Che bella che รจ!
peccato in Italia sia introvabile.