April 24, 2013

Project Telos - Mountain Mishap

Glorious sunny spring day in South Tyrol today, so what better than going out for a ride?
Perfect also, because I had to do some carburetor tuning.
I was enjoying myself on a beautiful mountain road, the bike was running well and there was very little traffic.
At one point I had to stop in front of a tunnel to let a big truck pass through. When I tried to roll back a bit, the bike suddenly stopped as if I had bumped into a stone or something. Very strange. Roll forward, back again, and again the same thing. hmmm
Now the truck almost cleared the tunnel and I was ready to ride. I tried to roll back one last time and HO HO....look at that: layed out neatly on the road in front of me was my chain! Crap.

Nothing left to do but roll back down to the mountain, where I knew there was a motorcycle shop/ garage.
Now, I don't know if it was my face or just a combination of bad omens today, but the guy at the shop must have thought I wasn't worth his time and treated me as if I were there to collect his taxes. He dismissed me after 2 minutes with a "No way, forget about it" and I was left taking the bus back home. :-(

Still, I think I was pretty lucky it didn't happen while riding at 80km/h!

Note to self (and others): avoid Moto Roland in Blumau!

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