May 1, 2013

Project Telos - Carb adjustments and other delicatessen

So, over a week into my holiday at home spent mostly in the garage working on the bike.
I've had trouble starting it when cold, but with the expert help of my brother, we managed to sort out the carb issues and now it runs pretty smooth.
We fitted a new chain, a Regina ZR (Z-Ring)...bloody big and expensive if you ask me. It'll probably outlive me!
Other than that, fresh oil, new NGK spark plug, new stainless front fender, new alloy rearset footpegs, camchain nut with see-through glass, rear brake bracket and a stainless engine protector.

My dad admiring and my brother working, while I wonder at the beauty of it all

Nice little "after-wrenching" trip to St. Konstantin/Voels/South Tyrol to meet my good friend Heiner

Happiness SR that starts on the first kick

Heiner has a Vespa Sprint Veloce that's been sitting for 10 years...C'mon Heiner...get it going!!

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Looking good