May 10, 2013

2 Days Riding in South Tyrol

Been lucky with the weather these past 2 days and of course I've spent them riding in the beautiful mountains around my hometown.

Yesterday I rode to Fennberg, a little known mountain village in the South of South Tyrol, with a nice lake and  little church on top of a hill. It's also where grandmother came from and where my mother spend part of her childhood.

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This is the church where my grandparents got married in 1946.

On the way down I came across this very cool Mustang in matching colors. I just had to stop...

Down one side of the valley, up the other, where I paid a visit to my very good friend Patrick. Patrick is a fantastic winemaker and follows the bio-dynamic way of treating the soil and plants, after the teachings  and philosophy of Rudolph Steiner. Check it out here:
How lucky am I?

I had to wait for Patrick to arrive, so I used the time to do a little photo shooting.

 The bike looks pretty small under his substantial stance.

Today was another great day. I decided to ride to the Jaufenpass, the mountain pass that connects the Passeiertal to the Eisacktal. The plan was to ride down to Sterzing, then up to the Pennser Joch and through the Sarntal back to Bozen. Unfortunately, when I arrived at Sterzing, I found out that the pass was still closed. So, instead of driving on the boring valley road of the Eisacktal, I decided to turn around and go back where I came from.

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It was a bit chilly, but I was well prepared and a merciful sunshine did the rest.

At 2094m above sea level, what else is there to do than  enjoying the view with a Radler (beer&lemonade soda) and a pair of Frankfurter! Ahhh, life is good!

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