May 5, 2013

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Racer from Germany

Omega reader Thomas Grad sent us pictures of his latest project, a Triumph T150v, which he truly transformed into a piece of art on two wheels. I've spent a lot of time admiring the many details on this bike and can only imagine how many hours of work it must have taken to build it.

Here is what Thomas has to say about it:

2 years ago I bought this T150v in the near of Munich from a collector of historical bikes and cars.
The bike has already been in two German Magazines in a Vintage-Motorbike-Competition. At this time it was in original condition.

Because of its wonderful shape and powerful engine I decided to start a Caferacer-Project.
By the way: the engine has got a complete revision by LP Williams in England the former team leader of the Triumph Racing Team)

The complete electric was substituted against the Motogadget mUnit, mLock, the Chronoclassic digital multi-purpose instrument and Kellermann turn signal lights.

The clip-ons, handle-grips, headlamp and the brake-fluid-reservoir are from LSL. The clutch- and brake-lever are Syntho-line from ABM.The Caferacer seat cowl, fender, fuel-, oil-tank and the footrests are made of aluminium (handmade) - as well as the leather seat and tank-strip.

Hope you like it

Yes Tom, we do!

Thomas ordered a custom 'Elders' helmet from us to match with his new creation. Pretty cool I think.

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