January 26, 2014

Bang Saen Bike Week 2014

This year I visited the Bang Saen Bike Week in a bit of a rush, but still managed to get a few good shots.

Right at the start I was greeted by what is probably the most successful new big bike in Thailand. Kawasaki ER6n

Ehm..some badges are not as good as others

A mean machine

Death awaits you...

A very clean Yamaha SR

That'd be my type of Harley

or this one...AND it's got a kickstarter

I've got a soft spot for these small vintage enduro bikes

wow...a turbo Harley!

not many of these around

can somebody lend me 2.5M Baht??? Will give back as soon as possible...

70's style chopper with SR motor

...a hot girl with a black bike...

not quite sure what this was all about...exhibitionism?


Just how many bikes are compressed into this GSXR?!

UBB....unidentified black bike

This was a gorgeously modified Guzzi. The pictures definitely don't do it justice, sorry

something very special

Honda Chaly

Alfa Romeo

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