July 11, 2014

Customer's Creations

A special blog post today.

Independently to each other, a few customers decided to send me some pictures of their bikes, after they mounted their Omega Racer parts, of course.

First off, Stéphane Lavillonniere from France. Stéphane owns a splendid Yamaha XS nd needed a cafe seat for his project. Not finding the right seat, he decided to get the Cafe Rocker V2.0 for the SR400/500 and modify it to fit his bike. To keep the rear fender in place he used a 6mm stainless steel screw with brass washers. Good job Stéphane!

Next is Jimmy Cash. He ordered a Norton Dunstall aluminium tank for his cafe racer SR500 and painted it black with classic blue Yamaha stripes.
This is how it looked in August 2013.

 And after a lot of work, Jimmy's efforts really show and shine on this beast.

More lovely creations...
Custom small aluminium fairing
Yamaha SR aluminium tank "The Original"

Cafe Rocker V2.0 mounted on a Suzuki Inazuma by Luke Inazuma