July 21, 2014

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Bangkok/ Pattaya

Hello gentlemen

First off, I must apologize for writing only in English, but writing in Thai is beyond my reach for now. I will try to get it translated as soon as possible and post it here for our Thai friends.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2014

Another year, another DGR! Just like last year, there will be 2 groups, one starting from Bangkok and one in Pattaya. Both groups will meet in Bang Saen.
Have a look on my blog for last year's pictures:

So, if you're from around Bangkok or Pattaya, own a suit and a bike, please feel free to join us. Here are some more details.

All participants are expected to do the following:

1) Ride a motorcycle, preferably a classic, retro, bobber, chopper, custom, cafe racer. Riders with screaming 4 pot plastic rockets may ask a friend to borrow a real gentleman's bike. ;-)

2) All riders are required to wear their finest clothes. Ties are good, bowties are better. There's no limit to distinguishedness, if that's even a word...

3) A distinguished and gentlemanly attitude is paramount to the successful outcome of the ride. Let old ladies cross the road, always smile and generally make your grandmother proud.

4) I would like to stress that this ride is a fundraising event for prostate cancer research. It would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute what you can to this cause. You can do so online on this site once that section is up and running.

5) Ride responsibly. A suit doesn't give much protection in case you...well, you know what....

6) Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!

For all the ride details please go to the official DGR website, register as a rider and kindly donate for a good cause.



I would like to remind all fellow riders that you are responsible for your own safety. Ride slow and live a long and venerable life.
This is a FREE event, no tickets, no charges. Just pay for your own gas, food and drinks.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to help, please feel free to do so. I appreciate all 3 of them. :-)

ride dapper

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