April 4, 2015

Pictures from the 2015 MotorShow in Bangkok

What better way to start the picture gallery than a nice KTM Superduke 1290?

BMW RnineT by Roland Sands and Blitz


 Guess the bike! ;-)

 Yamaha SR400, what else?

With just under 40.000Baht, Suzuki offers this new little allrounder GD110, which lends itself to cool customizations. In fact, they only showed the customized versions and had no original bike on show.
I like the idea of such a small bargain bike. Years ago there were the Kawasaki GTO and Honda JX and can still be seen today being the work horses for all kinds of trades here in Thailand.

 My favourite GD incarnation...

 The future of scooting?

Of course, the Scrambler was one of the most admired bikes.

A few details...

I've been a bit worried about the touring ability of the Scrambler. The sales rep however assured me there were already official Ducati panniers (or saddlebags) available and more aftermarket accessories will follow soon. She showed me the frame under the seat where the support brackets will be mounted.

That's a HD I wouldn't be embarrassed to ride...

Stallions bikes proved to be very popular with the younger generations who can't afford a new SR400, but still like to ride a classic looking bike, open to endless modifications.

Bangkok custom shop "ZEUS"....does that remind you of something?!

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