July 2, 2015

Project Sunmaster 14 - Wheels are on

I had a few busy days working on my project bike. I've got a few small accomplishments and a couple of big satisfactions to report. 

Mounted this new kickstart lever. I had to take the linkage of the old lever and transfer it to the new one, which was very easy to do.

Next came installing a mini switch from "The Sports Custom". To do that, I had to cut out 2 holes for the switches and drill a smaller hole to hold the switch body in place. This job took quite some time and was a good reminder to always have the right tool for the right job. In this case, it was my indispensible Dremel. Thank you Dremel. I love you!

Here you can see my new aluminium oil cooler. A beautiful piece! It's made by one of my suppliers and this is the very first one I got. It will be available in the shop soon...if I can find some time between the wrenching...

Now the side stand. Easy job one would think. Not if you're a muppet like me and didn't take detailed pictures of bloody everything when disassembling. I couldn't find any picture or reference online either. Finally, after 3 hours, perseverance prevailed and I got it mounted. But what a waste of time and energy....uff

Next were the wheels. The front got on quite easily, but the back tyre was another story. Without help it would have basically been impossible to lift the back of the frame, hold it balanced and at the same time slide the axle through the hub. My only chance was to lift it with a rope, so that's what I did.

Flying like a butterfly, stinging like a bee....or something like that. It might not look professional but fact is, mounting the rear wheel became sooo much easier.

It's all in the details...

Finally, Project Sunmaster 14 is rolling!!

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