December 8, 2016

2016 Motor Expo - PART 3 + PRICE LISTS

After telling people for months that the YAMAHA XSR wouldn't come to Thailand, here it is. Go figure...

The M-Slaz is a big seller amongst the Thai teenagers. No changes for 2017 apart from a new color scheme.

Honda's big news, or should I say little?, comes in the form of a new model of 500cc (300cc also planned) called Rebel. Not really new actually. The Rebel was a small cruiser of 250cc made in the late 80s. But like I said before, small bikes are back in fashion and are starting to steal the show from their bigger brothers.

Benelli is the Rocky of motorcycle brands. You can knock her down, but she will inevitably stand back up and deliver a fearsome uppercut to her adversary. The one bike I wanted to see though, the Leoncino Scrambler, wasn't there unfortunately.

I'd be curious to know how much that weighs...

MV Agusta's design inspirations don't just affect Benelli, wait for it.

BMW presents the G310. Price is 199.000Baht.

This is what makes my heart beat!

Vespa's PX125 2 stroke, yours for a mere 199,900Baht!

And if you ever wondered what an 8 million Baht bike looks like, here it is.

Here are all the price lists I could get. Enjoy

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