December 25, 2016

A Merry Christmas Indeed!

Christmas 2016 will go down in (my) history as one of the most memorable of all Christmasses, ever!
I'll tell you why.

During the past 4 weeks I've been hard at work moving to a new and bigger place. You can't imagine how much stuff got accumulated in 10 years of living here in Thailand. My plan was to finish with the move, get my visa sorted and then go to Triumph and buy a brand new Street Twin.

To celebrate the successful move, my wife and I invited our best friends and threw a BBQ party. The food was good, the drinks were plentiful and the company exuberant. We just finished eating the dessert when my wife walked up to me and asked to help her with something. So, being the good husband that I am, I stood up and followed her to the front of the house.

Next, something happened that can't be really put in words, but I'll try nonetheless. I walked around the corner where a dream became manifest: there she was, a brand new Street Twin, waiting for me!
I have to admit that I shed a few tears, not so much for the bike (which I was already set on buying anyway), but for the great lengths my wife must have gone through to get the finance approval and to get the bike there in time for the party.

What can I say? I'm truly a lucky guy to have a wife like that. A wife who knows how to make her motorcycle crazy husband happy.

2 months ago at the Triumph dealership in Bangkok

The moment I got the delivery

First selfie

Wiping the tears of joy :-)


The very first ride out with my 2 big loves

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Greg Cooper said...

What a great surprise! I also have a wonderful wife that understands and shares my passion for two wheels. We are lucky guys!