April 8, 2017

Devil Mechanix - Triumph Parts

A new player is emerging on the Thai custom parts scene with a range of refined and high quality parts.

The brand "Devil Mechanix" might be unknown to many outside Thailand, but here, after less than 1 year of producing parts for Modern Classic Triumphs, DM is a fast growing force that soon will have to be reckoned with in many other markets.
Simple. Many parts manufacturers here have recognized that only by producing at the highest possible standards they can be truly competitive for the long term. I'm fortunate enough to know a few and like to support their efforts the best I can. Look at The Sports, R&P, MotoTrio and JP Customs for example. These are brands that are playing in the same league as the best in the world today.

Back to Devil Mechanix, which is the latest addition to Omega Racer's fast growing family of quality manufacturers.
I'd like to introduce you to some of their work.

Triumph Tank Strap - for Bonneville (up to 2015) and Street Twin/Street Cup
A stylish addition to your precious Triumph

X-Pipe/ De-cat - for all liquid cooled Modern Classic Triumph
Unleash the hidden power of your Triumph!

Devil Mechanix Performance Mufflers - for all liquid cooled Modern Classic Triumph
Available in polished, brushed or black powder coated finish

Radiator Guard - for all liquid cooled Modern Classic Triumph (except Bobber)

Engine Crash Bars - for all liquid cooled Modern Classic Triumph

We look forward to many new parts coming from them. Find them all at omegaracer.com!

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