April 28, 2017

Sunmaster14: Winner at Big Bike Custom Show

Sunmaster14 was one and a half years in the making with a lot of tribulations and hard work involved. She's my brainchild. I laid awake at night designing her in my mind and then drawing her in the morning. I built her from the ground up and I know every bolt and spacer. 
For me she's an extension of myself and I'm very proud how she turned out.

In the past year, she's been shown on many motorcycle blogs and websites (Pipeburn, bikeEXIF, SRTimes etc) and feautred on several prrinted magazines (SpecialCafe in Italy, MotoLegend in Japan, SuperBike Mag in South Africa and others).

The icing on the cake though, was given to me last Sunday in Bangkok.
After a first selection of over 80 bikes, Sunmaster14 got into the final with other 9 bikes. All the bikes were displayed at Terminal21, one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangkok who hosted the event "Big Bike Custom Show".
Looking at the other bikes, my expectations weren't too high. I thought maybe a 3rd place was within reach, so when the presenter first called the second runner up and then the first runner up, I lost all hope. But then, against all odds, they called my name!
Even my friends who came to support me couldn't believe it. I was the only foreigner among all the Thai riders and judges after all.
Yet here we are, Sunmaster14 and I, with our lovely trophy and a gigantic 50.000Baht. :-)))))


Thanks for your support friends!

Happy Happy :-)

With the judges and promoters 

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