May 25, 2014

NEW! Yamaha SR aluminium tank THE NAVIGATOR

I've been quiet for some time regarding new products, but now it's time to break the silence.

What better and exclusive addition than a new aluminium tank for the Yamaha SR.
And what a tank it is! I love it. The flowing and sinuous lines truly remind me of that classic fantasy film of the late 80s, called "The flight of the Navigator".

This tank (as all the other tanks too) is hand made out of a 2.5mm thick aluminium sheet and pressure tested with about 3 bar prior to shipping. The tank lid and the petcock are included.

For more pictures and information, please check out the shop. LINK HERE


Anonymous said...

I see the tank in your online store. They look great.

In regards to the prices, what currency are they in?

Sorry to ask but you don't seem to mention if it is US dollars or other?

If it is written somewhere please let me know.


Omega Racer said...


Thanks for the compliments. :-)
Yes, all the prices are in US$.