May 24, 2014

Ducati Scrambler 2015

Edit 30 September 2014:

The Scrambler has been released!!


We're almost there. Ducati will almost certainly present the new Ducati Scrambler at EICMA this fall, reviving the much loved Scrambler heritage and ending a long wait full of trepidation.

Ducati is keeping its mouth shut concerning the design. The only thing that seems certain is the engine, an air-cooled 796 taken straight from the Monster. All this secrecy has naturally fed the imagination of people like me, but with far better design skills.

Apparently, it will be produced both in Italy and Thailand, which is fantastic news for those of us oppressed by a incredibly high import tax.

Let's have a look at what our designer friends came up with, but first a quick reminder of what the original Scrambler looked like.

And this is me 2 years ago, on my brother's Scrambler 450. That's when I fell in love with it! 
(Trip report HERE)

So, one of the best rendering in my opinion are the following 2, especially the yellow one. Sorry, I couldn't find the author of the designs...

 The same bike in red, but with a single-sided swing arm.

Here are 2 'spy' shots, where we see a hotchpotch of parts. Hopefully they're just testing the engine and won't actually use that front light in the final version!

 My favourite version!

One of this year's interpretations, by Italian magazine DueRuote. Not too bad.

Also a new design by CycleWorld. More like a cross between a Hypermotard and a Multistrada than a Scrambler. I really hope it won't look like this...

2 Oberdan Bezzi renderings.

A version with a single cylinder. Unfortunately, Ducati doesn't have one in production....yet

So, let's cross our fingers that Ducati can still remember its roots and don't fall into the fashion trap of super-straight and angular designs. The price should also be good, since they want it to appeal to new riders and to people like me who can't afford any other Ducati. :-)))

Stay tuned.

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