May 12, 2012

Trip on a Ducati Scrambler

Before leaving Italy there was something I had to do: testing the Ducati Scrambler 450!
On my last holiDay I convinced my brother to finish work early and go on a ride. He took his friend's scrambler 350 (2nd series) (who leaves his bike with my brother) and I took his 450 (1st series).
After a few km getting used to it, it really showed its colours. In fact, it has the rear brake on the left side and the gears on the right. Not only that, the gears are upside down: first one up and the others down!
I have to admit, on the first roundabout it died on me, but after that it was absolute bliss. We took a very narrow mountain road with lots of tight turns and a speedy forest road. That was the perfect territory for the scrambler. Out of my brother's collection, the scrambler is the bike that most resembles my SR: single cylinder with a good dose of torque and upright seating position.

It was the perfect conclusion of my holiday and left me wishing for more. If I had such roads in Thailand I would never leave!

Ducati Scrambler 350 in blue, 450 in yellow

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