May 12, 2012

Lucky Day in Verona

It was supposed to be just a normal Sunday, hanging around in Verona, a very beautiful city in the north of Italy. A stroll around the famous arena, some ice cream, a visit to Giulietta's balcony...the usual.
Not so!
It turned out much much better than that!!

First off, I couldn't believe my eyes when we walked to the Piazza Bra (where the arena is) and behold!....there where lots of vintage and classic bikes. Needless to say that I reversed into little-boy-in-toyshop mode and started taking pictures.
Once that thirst was clenched, we were lucky once more, as there was a food fair right next to the bikes. Food from all over Italy, all in one place.
Truly a perfect day!

touching her breast brings good luck. What happens when you touch her ass?

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