May 12, 2012

Trip to Dornach

The first week into our holiday in SouthTyrol we rode to Dornach, near Salurn, where my good friend Patrick makes 2 outstanding wines, called XX (for the red wine) and XY (the white). For more info follow this LINK.

This was my first time on the BMW R69S from 1961. I was surprised that an old lady like her would run so smooth and ride so easily. Even when pushing it hard I couldn't detect any vibrations. The only blame could be found with the gears, who engage with a hard and loud 'clonk' and sometimes don't engage at all. But this was something normal in those times.
My verdict: Low consumption and a big tank make it a very enjoyable touring bike. It runs smooth and quiet. Excellent seating comfort for both rider and passenger.

Ducati Scrambler

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