February 10, 2015

SR Thailand 3rd Meeting

Once more the biggest Yamaha SR meeting in Thailand has been a huge success with over 500 bikers and bikes attending. Young hotheads, the old and wise wrenchheads, males and females alike, have enjoyed the party at the 3rd annual "SR Thailand" meeting.

This year we saw some amazing new builds, one of which was made by our friend and custom builder Tee from "The Sports". We enjoyed excellent live music by Gorealla and feasted our eyes on stunning models, who had the courtesy of performing a sexy bike wash for the enjoyment of all involved.

The only problem I had this year was that I didn't turn up with an SR. Oh no, my SR is in a thousand little pieces, getting ready to be reborn in a brand new body: The Sunmaster 14. But that's another story.
No, this year I attended with my Kawasaki ER6n, which I cleverly parked far far away, so as not to incur in the wrath of the SR purists.

But lets stop with the banter and move on to what you've all been waiting for: PICTURES!!!


Sexy SR wash here ;-) ====>>>
Post by Ter Tracker.

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