October 23, 2013

Cool Classified Pickings

One of my past-times is to scan English and Thai speaking classifieds for potential new bikes.
It's actually quite impressive what's out there. Have a look....

My favourite of the day. A pretty cool Honda S90Z. Find it here...http://www.dealfish.co.th/product-3801520/

A beautifully restored Suzuki TS100

This is a Yamaha YL2....a candidate for my next project
A Yamaha? something? http://www.dealfish.co.th/product-3858999/

Honda DAX  http://www.dealfish.co.th/product-3494732/

 The ad says it's a Yamaha, but not much else. Anybody knows what this is?


Sam said...

kawasaki estrella 250

Ethan Smith said...

Here you can sell and buy both new and used products.
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Omega Racer said...

Not fond of spammers, Ethan. I checked out your classifieds website anyway, but I have to say that you won't get much business with a page that looks like your grandmother made. Good luck though.