October 30, 2013

It's the Bike Week Season!!

The rainy season if finally over and from now to March/April the cold season is the perfect host for scores of small bike meetings and full scale bike weeks.

The next one on my personal list is the Bang Saen Bike Week on the 8-9 of November. Another one of my favourites is the Kanchanaburi Vintage Bike Meeting, near the Srinagarind Dam, on the 15th of December. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year.

If you're in Thailand, grab your calendar and take your pick.

Extensive list in Thai:

Otherwise you'll have to endure what google spat out....

Biking events in Thailand for 2013

V - Class Event.BIKES follow or post a calendar in www.vclassspecial.comEmail:ae_meemusu23 @ yahoo.com, aemeemuso23@yahoo.com. For more information on the host.

30 November to 1 December 2555 the Hua Hin Bike Week # 8 Royal Queen Rai Hua Hin Soi 19 from 19 am it left you say VAMPIRE 081-1989621, you fat. 084-6295577,083-1021011.

December 1, 2555 at 22 years BLACK ANGELS at DWP Stadium. York. Phibun District gliding lessons. I sifted Pibul Bay, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

1 ธันวาคม 2555 TAKSILA NIGHT PARTY "do good for my first time" at Mahasarakham agricultural markets. (Bypass Kosum) Mahasarakham Province BOEM staff contact 0893751838.

December 1, 2555 Rabbit 2012 Ryder Night Party at Royal Haven Beach Laem Chan 086-3168895,081-9458549 contact ceases.

December 1, 2555 The Exorcist Bike Night Dream party two wheels together and share it on the second gate at Terminal A. billion in circulation.

7-8 December 2555 at the 10th anniversary BLACK DEVIL Health Park District, Pong Pong, Banglamung, Chonburi (the original), a chic 08-1710-3651, 08-6344-1198, Hebei.

December 8, 2555 at the Bell screaming "do not do # 7 on the wheel for OST" at Ban Huay Hin Khao reservoir. The Royal District, Saraburi contact 086-7627637,080-4551989.

December 8, 2555 at Orleans in 2012 Cowboy Ferreira conscious level at Oasis Resort (way up his neck), Na Muang Phetchabun sill 087-2106040,083488254 contact number.

8 ธันวาคม 2555 midway 5 years 2555 Cape Cod Highland.

December 8, 2555 5-year anniversary with fellow seminarians I Bike Maker to society at Community Stadium Nam Nan infection novice 085-0378972.

8 ธันวาคม 2555 chiangmaibikeweek 2012 call me 081-625-9449, Lek 081-883-8383, 0816719195, Bing, Bob, for

9 ธันวาคม 2555 RealbikerCustomShowChiangmai 2012 at the Royal Ratchaphruek Park, Chiang Mai, full contact 089-1737603 to 086-1938898 mint.

14-15 December 2555 at the Southern Big Bike Charity 2012 The 17th Army at Camp Province Chumphon Khet Udom Sak aunt gave us 080-8766069.

December 15, 2555 at Bike Makers Youth Together for Thailand. Thirst for knowledge and learning. At a Boy Scout camp (Camp prefer. I love Baguio City) Museum opposite the Erawan (Erawan Museum) Samutprakarn Contact the sword 081-9094411, 087-7244556 Bank.

December 15, 2555 at ฉch Share embed for my 0.8 build 2 at a center for children Wat Dan District, Chachoengsao you long to create. 081-1503844, 080-6385922 to register.

December 15, 2555 concert for charity, "two wheel spun it to the poor brother" (Ride-Rock-Charity Concert) at the Mae On district, Chiang Mai branch contact 080-498 5582 (sub) ,085-031 8438 (BOEM. ) ,081-992 3996 (runner).

December 15, 2555 vintage byte at Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi Thailand Thailand Contact 089-550-5115> Fertilizer. 088-476-8673> button you soft 081-010-1175.

December 22, 2555 AIRFORCE RIDER 10 years at Toei district. Tue Wichian Phetchabun.
Ms. Rudolph said Sergeant Billy 081-4571737 084-6634199 087-0156816 I think.

December 22, 2555 the world - Orlando Bike Week 2012 contact 086-0227172 watermelon game, you wide 081-2689696.

22 ธันวาคม 2555 TWOBROTHERS NIGTH PARTY # 1 at Market Suphanburi Hospital Patriarch Tue brothers Nopporn contact 080-1115866.

Bike Week Nat December 22, 2555 at 7 at Town Hall Nat stone dam recommend contacting Kirk - 0,806,892,288 0,896,444,898 additional lab - 0817851090.

December 28, 2555 at Bike Week & School Cowboy School Night No. 1 at the University of Bangkok Thonburi Thonburi Road Taweewattana dough I contact 081-6336930.

Land is not Thailand 11-12 January 2013 MC Hello all fellow friends, Let the love flow and welcome all bikers to this annual charity event for the Lamai Elementary School! Love all - serve all, like hard rock says it.

January 12, 2556 MOUNTAIN DAM is a joint venture of the two wheel real merit. At dam lakes contact you balance MOUNTAIN DAM 088-1988090 081-8631677 Bull.

18-19 January 2556 at London Bike Week (the MC. York) at Stadium Kanchanaburi (the lotus) Kanchanaburi province Stadium (the lotus) I contacted Ms. Chai 089-86367626 081-5264936.

18-19 January 2556 at the East Sakon Bike Week 3 at the Ming Muang Sakon you enrich 085-0059572.

January 19, 2556 Union Bay 11-year anniversary of the rider at the back cover estate market. The Road Praeksa. Praeksa young Muang Samutprakarn contact 083-6900892 081-9278134 ood end Gulf Cove 087-9963444.

January 26, 2556 at the New London Weekend # 2 (Thailand then guyed tree quest) the Lotus Lopburi contact me at 084-4490066 081-8271758 Ja Tu.

January 26, 2556 at BURIRAM BIKE WEEK # 1 at Stadium School District 1, in the Muang Buriram contact 081-7252279, dome. 083-1244666, 088-3689852 Wayne.

January 26, 2556 at KING OF STREET NIGHT PARTY 4 th at Thung Song School Stadium. Nakhon Si Thammarat contact you, 081-9560954, strip 081-5352020, 082-8078173, Wakefield.

February 2, 2556 at Genesis Bright Week. Career Development Victory Park Bo Muang Nakhon infection Persimmon husk 084-3755211, K. 089-9158707 small.

February 9, 2556 The Miracle Rider "project I helped my friend. With two wheels miracle "at Wat Wang Chuk District, Suphan Buri Ieanyaw T. Wan you miraculous blessing 089-822-3692,089-9885758 I think women Vclass 087-0156816,085-0571998. (Book Boots stores).

15-16 February 2556 at Burapha Bike Week 2013 at Silver Lake vineyard, Na Jomtien, Sattahip Chonburi you contact me 089-1509601 081-0001498 Bangalore North.

The Hundred Eyes 15-16 February 2556 Bike Week 2013 exhibition. OTOP Hin, Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan struck me about my tiny 081-7054996 083-5589757 081-0099872 Peden.
I rang my thumb 081-9810810 081-4344507.

February 23, 2556 at New this winter at his neck with great action vehicle "Big Bite" 2nd Flora Resort. Tue his neck. Phetchabun contact 081-9716334.

February 23, 2556 at The Out _law Bike Night Party # 3 at Naresuan Camp Cha-am District, Phetchaburi contact 081-2761404 080-9178875 P is portraying me in 087-1605929 dl.

1-2 March 2556 Samui Bike Week 2013 at the same venue. (South side of the Palace Hotel).

March 2, 2556 at around 11 years Motor Friends House restaurant on the lake. Delivery to Sydney Cove to the right about 1 kilo Call 087-9002423 Thanks, I fluorescence. 087-8312451, chicken. Grand Frankfurt Motor 086-3402763, I think women Vclass 087-0156816 (Reservations Boots stores).

March 2, 2556 at springways night party # 3 about your engine friendly 082-5626090 081-3756359.

March 9, 2556 at Muang District, Kanchanaburi Chan Atco Atco 081-2997645 Chan charm you, you, you tiny 081-7361707 083-3019040 R.

March 16, 2556 at Suphanburi Contact Trance land above Vclass 081-5586624.

March 23, 2556 the Dolphins held the same position across 52 Bangna Trad contact you Schenck 080-8249230 081-8437163 revolutionaries.

Bike Week March 30 2556, coincident with you, you little 089-9153897 081-3854207 Rome.

March 30, 2556 Ivy Ryder Wat Nong vegetable otter Chuk District, Suphan Buri joke about Joe ivy ivy 088-8763349 089-5227741 086-7627637 Yolande small field FLYING PIGS MC 090-6525505.
I think Vclass 087-0156816,085-0571998 (Boots stores).

April 6, 2556 Sergeant at Aunaolm contact 081-3425467,081-5407717 it.

14 to 21 April 2556 "Phuket Bike Week 2013 Contact Sue is 081-6919346.

April 20, 2556 at Las Vegas Bike Week 5: 089-4478016 Contact Donna tickles Tiger 081-8663202 083-7111515 General Jobs fasting Phoenix.

April 27, 2556 at General Bike Week. After accompanying the study. Ratchaburi is a land line Rd. A vclass 081-5586624.

4 May 2556 The 20th Anniversary VAMPIRE NIGHT PARTY at Wat Chom Bung district, Ratchaburi Pinthong you say VAMPIRE 081-1989621.

11 พฤษภาคม 2556 Whit Devils mc Night Party at Mike Payne 2: Phae Road Ze Kasem contact 0898050506 General General White Devils.

1 June 2556 One Night Links Party favorite work at the mast Stadium Stadium Way Buriram contact 088-3689852.
October 19, 2556 at Silver Thailand a Sunshine Market Pa Chow 087-1038940, up. 081-4927553, 089-4428411 gave it me.

November 1, 2556 7th Anniversary Swd stretch at the Canal District, Takhli Nakhon Sawan, T. carpet Vision's contact me 086-8985819, 081-9151587 Auto.

November 2, 2556 at DIAMOND CITY microscopy party first century at the Beach Cha (stick Methavalai Hotel) Contact me blink 080-6591140 086-5357935 ant I, Jack (for boots) 086-7625682.

8-9 November 2556 at NORTHERN BIKES WEEK # 6 Mon spread your middle. 089-8551212, 080-1315559, you can start the game by Chairman Joe 089-5631590.

December 14, 2556 at the Bell screaming "do not do # 8" touch on 086-7627637,080-4551989.

February 1, 2557 Link Party Night two of the four Hmong contact 086-3714605.

February 22, 2557 for a Oh Suphanburi Suphanburi Bike Charity 2014 DRAGON 086 - 9030888.

March 15, 2557 at WESTHREN BIKEWEEK2013 visiting artist in residence gold contacted land A (Male) 081-5586624.

March 22, 2557 at Homhual BIKE PARTY 2014 Contact George Homhual 081-8663202 081-2909905 your corn.
Note that other groups do not have to work to help promote VClass Magazine 085-0571998,087-0156816 contact number above or contact female vclass day. Events and book contact number is 02-3720032 Home service for free.

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