October 15, 2013

Yamaha SR bolt-on cooling fins

I recently sourced these very cool cooling fins for my Yamaha SR400 and also offer them for sale at my shop. See HERE.

Today I tested them to see how they perform in real life.

First of all, it takes only 5 minutes to mount them. The fit perfectly around the original cooling fins and are firmly held in place by 4 springs, 2 on the front, 2 on the back.
I was curious to see how they would hold up against the vibrations of a big thumper like the SR and I can honestly say there were no vibrations on the fins whatsoever.

I rode around the city to up to 120km/h, listening and touching the fins to see if I could hear and feel anything out of the ordinary. Nothing to report there either.

They do get hot, which is a good sign that the aluminium transfers the heat properly.

At first I was planning on selling the ones I fitted, but now I think I'll just keep them on as I really like the look of them.

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