October 20, 2013

Valve Play and the Yamaha SR500 SP

Today I rode to see my Thai friends on the outskirts of Bangkok. "Top" and "Golf" were so kind to teach me how to adjust the valves on my SR and get rid of that ting-ting noise that has been getting stronger lately.

my (pretty dirty) SR

Top's very nice and clean SR400

After that we went to a shop/warehouse on Rama 2. "A", another friend just had his 1979 Yamaha SR500 SP delivered in parts from Japan. I didn't know it, but apparently that particular model is very rare.
I was glad to get a glimpse into the way all SR come to Thailand. Due to the crazy tax system here, all bikes are shipped in parts and reassembled here. This avoids a 300% taxation, but at the same time makes the bikes (almost, nudge nudge) impossible to register.

Also in the shop was this cool SR bobber and an XS650...