September 4, 2011

Competition Entry #7

The next entry to the competition is somewhat special. Find out why...

My SR500 story

by Reiner Kiehn

In March 1978 the first containers full of SR’s 500 started rolling into the harbor in Hamburg and started a peaceful invasion. More than 38.000 units were sold in Germany in the following 20 years and over 20.000 are still on the road today. As the highly desired successor of the iconic enduro XT, the SR was thrown in the midst of a multitude of bi-cylindrical ‘starter’ bikes and finely engineered 500’s. It was clear from the start though, that the SR would find plenty of fans who preferred a more traditional approach to motorcycling and were looking for a worthy successor to the likes of the Horex Regina and the BSA Gold Star. How did the SR become a cult bike with its simple air-cooled, 2 valve engine, without a fancy aluminium frame and mono shock?

Reiner Kiehn will never forget that Spring of 1978. Having inherited the passion for English bikes from his uncle, Reiner had already ordered the ‘Brit-bike from Japan’ the previous Winter. Due to some bureaucratic delays, it wasn’t until April that he could pick up his SR. The 20th of April was the official date. 30 years and about 40.000km later his SR is still in original condition.
Considering the numerous trips across Germany with wife and luggage, his trusty SR never let him down (something BSA riders could only dream of).

Here is another of the many bikes in Reiner's stable. A very nice BSA inspired SR500.

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