September 19, 2011

Ratchada Night Market in Bangkok

Ratchada Night Market is one of my favourite places in Bangkok. There aren't many to start with to be honest. I try to avoid going to this crazy, busy city as much as I can, but sometimes I have to work as a chauffeur for my wife. The duty is only bearable because I have the opportunity to go to the night market to find parts for my bike. My wife also enjoys going there to hunt for shoes and bags.

The reasons I like this market are many. For once, very few 'farangs' (westerners) go there, so prices are not over inflated as elswhere. There is also a very nice open bar with a DJ who plays relaxing chillout tunes. Finally and most importantly, there are a lot of stalls selling bike parts or bike related things at a reasonable price. You can also find ridiculously-priced trainers, leather bags, shoes, jeans, books, CDs, antiques, furniture, home decorative items, and an assortment of vintage knick-knacks. Although most of the goods are pre-owned, new stuff is also available.

Just a heads-up: the alcohol bottles here are just for display. I bought one in the hope of drinking some nice cognac, but it was only colored water! Luckily I got my money back...

How to get there: The Ratchada Bangkok market can be reached by MRT, and is right next to the Ladprao station. It's open on Saturday nights, starting at 6-7pm, but most vendors don't come out til 8pm or later and stay till well after midnight.

GPS: 13.806867, 100.574555


The market is divided into 2 parts, a smaller and a bigger one. Conveniently, there's a (rather expensive) car park between the two.

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