September 27, 2011

...And The Winner Is.....

The first Omega Racer Bike Competition came to an end, the jury (me) selected the best among thousands of entries (slightly exaggerating...) and reached the verdict. Jokes aside, it wasn't easy to pick the bikes. I know how much work and pride lies within each one and I didn't want to disappoint anyone. But then, a winner had to be found, such is life. I selected those 3 bikes that in my opinion stand out not only for their originality and aesthetic value, but for the story they tell, also.
Let's cut it short and pass over to announce the 3rd place.

3rd place goes to Thomas Grad with his Yamaha SR500. He built it in remembrance of a friend who died of cancer at a young age. I only have 1 picture, but that was striking enough to convince me. Very nice built.

Competition entry #2

2nd place goes to Curt in the USA with another SR500. His bike impressed me with its build quality and the gorgeous black engine. I also loved the story behind it that speaks of father-son relationship, precious memories and a passion for bikes in general. Well done Curt!

Competition entry #9

The first place goes to Reiner Kiehn with a rather special Yamaha SR500. Not only has he kept it in its original state for over 30 years and ridden it only 40.000km in all these years, but it is also the very first Yamaha SR500 to be registered in Germany, 20th of April 1978. Because of his passion, commitment and loyalty to the SR500, I declare Reiner the WINNER of this year's OMEGA RACER Bike Competition!

To conclude I would like to thank all participants for taking part in this little competition and wish you all many more trouble-free journeys on your precious bikes. 

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