September 20, 2011

Ideas Wanted

All you creative people out there, I need your help with a new project!
I want to make a short movie, a motorcycle related movie to be precise.
I've got a new camera that can shoot in 720HD and I even have a proper action camera with wide angle to fit on the bike (thanks Frank). I have a few shots in my mind that I'm sure will look good....but there's 1 thing missing....
Something that holds the movie together, a red line that can be followed from the beginning to the end, something that can give an emotional response...I NEED A STORY!

Do you have a good idea? Let's brainstorm together! All inputs are much appreciated! :-))))

This is a comment from my friend Boris, who has some very good points:
The hero should be escaping from something - and we viewers shouldn't understand from what until the end of the movie. Where should be some clues and guesses appearing as the story develops (bits of phone conversations, odd man hero behavior, some objects he carries along, places he visits etc), so the viewers will be deducting the reason: leisure fun ride is not catchy. Go for suspense, dude - I'd suggest you'll watch some Hitchcock oldies to get into the right mood of thinking and get the atmosphere right. Create a new genre- noir road movie; maybe make it b/w? Can you give you a hand if you like for credits/flying me over for the filming process ;)

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