September 30, 2011

Love customize my bike

While the lawmakers in Europe are trying to push through another stroke of genius, which is the proposed law that you're not allowed to modify your bike, not even the air filter or the tyres(!), in Thailand no one cares. Thanks god!

In Thailand you can see the weirdest things done to a motorcycle. The young ones love to modify their Yamaha Fino's or the ever-present Honda Wave. For instance, they replace the tyres with super skinny ones and inflate them to the max. It looks cool and makes them go they say. Another genius move is to change the colour of their lights. The front light becomes green, yellow, even red, while the rear light (if its's working at all) is often transformed in a kaleidoscope of blinking, flashing and strobing lights. Not good if your epileptic...

Here are 2 pictures of the more extreme mods.

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